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Thank You Wyoming County For Your Support!  I Promise To Do Everything I Can To Fulfill My Campaign Promises and Make Wyoming County a Better Place For All of Us!  I'm Looking Forward to January And Taking My Spot on Your Board of Commissioners....Rick Wilbur


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Just click on "Voting Information" on my website, follow instructions to pick your state and then click on the logo.  Once the page opens, arrow down until you come to the section on applying online for an absentee ballot.  You can fill out online and your ballot will be mailed to you.  You still will need to mail in your completed ballot but the online application saves you one step of either going to the courthouse or mailing your application in.

You can also register to vote or change parties on the same pavotes site.

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Early last winter, I made the decision to run for Wyoming County Commissioner because of my deep concern with rising taxes and our county’s financial position.  Since the beginning of my campaign, I have attended many local events, campaign meet and greets, the debate and talked to many of you in your homes or out in public.

There are many issues I heard about in my travels, but one recurring issue is our taxes rising with little to show for it.  I firmly believe as many taxpayers do too that our spending is out of control.  Of course costs are rising, but we need to look closely at eliminating any wasteful spending and keeping our taxes in check.

We need leadership that is knowledgeable and has financial experience to oversee the spending of your taxpayer dollars and stop the need for increasing taxes every year.  As an outsider, I’ve studied a lot of the financial information I’ve been provided and see that we definitely have areas where we can save money.  With my 40 years experience as an accountant and almost 20 years as a township supervisor, I feel that I have the experience and background that Wyoming County needs to straighten out our financial situation.

As an outsider I won't know just how bad our financial situation is until after election and how much it will take to straighten out.  But if elected, I will promise to roll up my sleeves, work hard and use every bit of my experience and knowledge to do right for the taxpayers of this county.  I will look at every department and work with department heads to find ways to save money to eliminate the need to raise your taxes. 

If you feel that our spending is out of control and we must do everything we can to stop raising your taxes, please vote for me on November 5th as your next Wyoming County Commissioner…Thank you!

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